How is Travel shaping up for 2012

It won’t be surprising if house sitting emerges as one of the top travel trends in the years to come.

Despite the shape of the economy many people are still travelling. How many trips are they taking? What places are their favorite destinations? Are most travelers flying, going on cruises or hitting the road? Where are they staying? How much will they be spending? The answers to these questions and many others indicate the travel trends in 2012 based on a survey by the travel site, Trip Advisor.

The financial and job crises notwithstanding, the survey shows that 90% of US travelers will take more than one holiday trip this year, with 24% saying they will go on at least 5 holiday trips. The most popular choices are a trip to a beach (44%), or a cultural holiday to visit museums and historical sites (42%). More cultural trips, cruises and island getaways are planned this year, while fewer trips to theme parks, lakes and hiking trails are forecast.

Almost 70% of those surveyed will visit countries outside of the USA with Europe and Canada or Mexico as the favorite destinations for more than half of respondents. 12% said they intend to go to Asia. Paris, London and Rome are the top choices for travelers to Europe, while New York City, Las Vegas and San Francisco are the most popular domestic destinations.

Inspite of the current economic difficulties facing the country, 80% of US travelers say they will spend as much or more in travel, shelling out from $3,000 to $10,000 on holiday trips. Staying in hotels is becoming less popular, as is staying with friends and families. On the other hand, vacation rentals, bed-and-board lodgings and all-inclusive resorts are gaining in popularity.

Many travelers are discovering house sitting as an attractive way to visit new places for their holidays. This way, they escape the expenses for hotels or inns, live in comfortable homes and even make some money in the process. The growing demand for house sitters is opening opportunities for young people and seniors to spend their holidays in top travel destinations at minimal costs.

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