Why Having a Stranger House Sit Is No Bad Thing

I think if I could pinpoint the greatest concern of most owners when considering having a house sitter stay at your home while you were away, it’d be the fact you don’t know who they are. So many questions can run through your mind, Will my plants be alright? Will my dog be well fed? Will my posh dinner set be safe? That sort of thing. However, having a house sitter is not like swinging the door open and inviting anyone off the street; it’s much safer than that.

The first thing that needs to be noted is that many people would often be happier if their house was unoccupied while they were away, rather than invite someone else in to stay. This is understandable, but an empty house that doesn’t look “lived in” is far more likely to attract unwanted attention and therefore puts it more at risk. The key is finding someone trustworthy and ensuring that you’ve done enough to make sure that you’re covered.

So finding someone trustworthy can be easier said than done some times, but websites like Mindahome.com naturally attract those who are looking for the mutual gain that comes with house sitting in general. Most house sit because of the large benefits to them; they are unlikely to risk their reputation as a house sitter by being careless or worse.

Of course you don’t have to rely entirely on trust and goodwill if you’d want something a little more formal in writing first. It isn’t uncommon for a simple House Sitting Agreement to be formed beforehand, for that extra piece and mind while you’re away. The prospective house sitter shouldn’t be too bothered about being asked to sign an agreement, you’d be surprised how much simpler things are if anything does go wrong if you’ve laid everything out before hand. For those who want to be doubly sure that they are protected, you can arrange a bond be drawn beforehand and then returned after the house sitting has been completed.

The last point, the one which has been mostly overlooked up until now, is that taking some time out to get to know the sitter before hand is very beneficial. If you’re still worried about a stranger staying at your home, make sure they’re not a stranger anymore! This isn’t to say you’ve got to become best friends, but the more you know about each other, the more likely you’re going to feel safe in the knowledge that they’re staying around and the more they’ll know of what is expected from them.

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C Green is an experienced traveller and writer who until only very recently has been shown the virtues of house sitting. He usually writes for many different travel sites, such as Travel & Leisure Group timeshare resales.

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