House sitting questions for home owners

Below are house sitting questions and answers specifically for pet and home owners.

Q:  Is this a free service for Pet/Home Owners?
A:  Yes, it is completely free for pet and home owners to register on Mindahome. 

Q:  What are the benefits of employing a House Sitter?
A:  There are situations that demand your absence from home; it may be work, pleasure or personal.  A house sitter can relieve the stress and allow you to enjoy your time away by:

  • Keeping your home secure and ‘lived in’.  Intruders will not be attracted to an occupied home.  A house sitter will also give you regular updates via email or telephone.
  • Providing the same care and attention your pet deserves such as
    • Exercise through walking and playing
    • Cleaning litter trays or cages
    • Administering medication
    • Other care, based upon your instructions
  • Taking care of Maintenance. Any emergencies that might arise while you are away, like the need for a plumber or electrician, can be organised so that you don’t come home to any maintenance problems
  • Gardening.  Your pot plants will be watered and the garden well maintained
  • Giving you Peace of Mind. An experienced house sitter will have a police clearance, scan of driver’s license, and references so that you have complete peace of mind.

Q:  How can I take advantage of this service?

  1. Register and advertise your House Sitting requirements on the Mindahome  website. 
    House sitters looking for a position in your state and area will be sent an email alert notifying them of your listing. This saves you time and effort contacting many different house sitters individually.
    If a house sitter would like to apply, they will contact you via our private messaging system and put themselves forward as a suitable candidate. You are also free to contact house sitters via the private messaging system.
  2. If you do not list your site our house sitters will not receive an email ‘alert’ notifying them of your needs. 
  3. Your address and telephone phone number remain confidential and will not be revealed until you choose to give these to a potential house sitter. 

Q:  How do I compose an appropriate advertisement?
A:  Follow the fields listed in the application page, completing them with as much information as possible.  A photograph of your home, pets or surrounding area would be beneficial.  Don’t forget to list any details that may be helpful to the sitter such as:

  • Public Transport
  • Proximity of shopping centre
  • Broadband internet
  • Swimming pool and/or spa
  • Air conditioning
  • Pets or animals needing care and attention and any special requirements  that may be needed
  • Gardening duties

View a range of our home owner advertisements to see what you think will work well for you.

Q:  What length of time is acceptable for a House Sitting position?
A:  There is no minimum or maximum time for a house sitting position.  Depending on the sitters circumstances, a short stay may be appropriate.  Most sitters do prefer a couple of weeks or longer. 

If you are planning an extended trip away and are not sure if you should rent out your home, consider the benefits the house sitter will provide:

  • The house sitter is Flexible and gives you the convenience of not having to put your furniture and other items into storage. 
  • You are not locked into a ‘Lease Agreement’ and if you chose to come home early, the house sitter is flexible and will be ready to move on very quickly. 

Q:  Home and contents insurance?
A:  Keep up your home and contents insurance while you are away and inform your insurance company that you will be absent but a house sitter will be taking care of the home.   They are usually very happy to know the house will be occupied.

Q:  Do I need a House Sitting Agreement?
A:  Some people like the security of a House Sitting Agreement and we have made available a sample Agreement that you may like to use. It is available, along with our Home Owners Guide to House Sitting booklet.

Q:  What about Utilities like Gas and Electricity?
A:  For a short stay often the home owner does not expect the Sitter to pay for Gas and Electricity.  However for longer stays, this is certainly an option.

A:  Is a bond necessary?
A:  A bond is not an unreasonable request. The amount and where it is deposited until your return should be negotiated between you and your house- sitter.

A Pet and Home Owners Guide to House Sitting
For further information covering the above and much more; our Home Owners Guide to House Sitting Booklet is available to all home owners listing their property with Mindahome. It is full of useful information for home owners and includes a House Sitting Agreement example which you can modify for your own use.