What is House Sitting

What is House Sitting?


House sitting is where people who need to leave their home for a time, whether for work or leisure, arrange for other people to live in and take care of their property and pets in exchange for free accommodation.

Benefits of House Sitting for the home owner.

All pets especially dogs and cats, love routine such as a set bedtime, play and eating patterns. A pet loves to be with their owner and around all the familiar things of home. Unfortunately you cannot always take them with you when you go away and on those occasions a house sitter is the perfect solution.

Your pets (and you) will be happy because:

  • They are secure staying in their own home where their routine does not change
  • Familiar eating patterns and foods remain the same
  • Walks are along usual routes with familiar sights and smells
  • They sleep in their own bed
  • There is company for much of the time and other pets/playmates are there as well
  • Lots of cuddles and attention is still the order of the day!

A pet/house sitter also

  • Administers medication to your pet if needed
  • Understands the needs of your pets
  • Provides security for your home and possessions by being there and keeping the home ‘lived in’
  • Perform chores such as collecting mail, watering plants, tidying the garden, mowing the grass and keeping the pool clean. You can specify your requirements.


  • You have saved many $$’s in boarding kennel fees.
  • No need to hire gardeners, pool service, or cleaners.
  • You do not need to inconvenience relatives, friends or neighbors

Benefits of House Sitting for the House Sitter

There are many reasons people become house sitters. Some of them include:

  • A cost effective travel opportunity for retirees
  • Pet lovers in a position to travel the country, can do so in the company of animals as well as enjoy the comforts of a house rather than a cramped hotel room.
  • Save money by preparing meals in a fully equipped kitchen instead of eating out.
  • An opportunity to take a vacation in a place that would normally be out of reach financially.
  • House/pet sitters are able to absorb the culture of a town or country by living in and experiencing it rather than passing through and looking at it as a tourist.
  • For people in between selling a home and buying a new one, house sitting provides a cost effective accommodation option
  • An opportunity to save money, such as for a deposit on a home or for a car
  • People, planning to move to a location can use house sitting as a way to see the benefits of different suburbs. By getting to know the locals they really find out what an area has to offer and can make an informed decision as to whether the place is suitable for their needs
  • A short term work assignment in another town provides a perfect opportunity to house sit.
  • Home based workers such as writers, IT people and artists can experience different parts of the country while still working
  • While renovating a home, it might be advantageous to move out and house sitting provides the perfect solution.

Choosing the right house sitter

How do you make a decision and choose the right person to bring into your home to look after your pets and property? At Mindahome we have a free eBook for our members that covers the subject in depth however, put briefly, you need to get to know and feel comfortable with the sitter before you engage them. Here are a few basic guidelines.

  1. Read the house sitters profile. Does it match your criteria? (non-smoker, couple, retired etc), If references and Police Check are not attached, email house sitter and ask for copies.
  2. Look at their Police Check, it is current?
  3. Read and verify references - make a phone call to each one to verify. If a phone number is not included, ask the sitter for contact details.
  4. Question the referrer – ask if they would entrust their home to this person again?
  5. Do they have other references. These could include a reference from a Doctor, employer, friend or relative.
  6. Arrange one or two meetings with the sitter. If this is not possible try to arrange an online Skype meeting.
  7. Read the free Mindahome eBook - Guide to House Sitting. This has a section on ‘getting to know you’ and the verification process. It is full of important information and has sample Agreement forms, check-lists and so much more.
  8. Have a signed Agreement that both parties are happy with.
  9. If possible ask a friend or neighbor to call in from time to time to check that the sitter has everything they need. The sitter will appreciate this.