How Does House Sitting Work?

Many homeowners worry about leaving their house unattended for extended periods of time while they set off on a holiday. There are concerns about leaving their pets alone, watering plants and just protecting the home in general against theft or … Continue reading

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Checklist for a House Sitter While You Are Traveling

I’ve found organising a house-sitter to come and look after both my home and my pets while I’m away on my travels to be cost effective both on the pocket and for peace of mind. My family and I love … Continue reading

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Sometimes House Sitting also means Making Peace with the Domestic Cat

I am animal person, this is always useful when house sitting for someone else, and it can give the added bonus of letting the house owner leave their pet at home rather than making often costly arrangements elsewhere. Having said … Continue reading

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How to Find the Best House Sitters

House sitting is the practice of letting someone assume the role of the house owner while the true owner is away for a period of time. While this sounds reasonable enough, it could become a big job to sort out. … Continue reading

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House sit in the most visited city in the US?

I just love traveling around this great big country of ours so to save money and be able to see more I look for house sitting opportunities wherever I can. I was recently in Texas and its said that San … Continue reading

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