Foodies Find House Sitting a Great Travel Choice

Man may not live by bread alone but discovering new, mouth-watering dishes is one of the greatest incentives to travel and house sitting in a country makes it much more interesting. A country’s cuisine is an important part of its culture and savoring local dishes is a delightful way to get to know it. The Lonely Planet rates the following places as the best destinations for food.

Thailand in Southeast Asia is strongly influenced by the cuisine of China, India and Oceania. Thai food is heavy on garlic and chili. Other common ingredients are lime juice, coriander and lemon grass. Greece is next on the list for its fresh, unadulterated food, whether it’s olives or octopus, bread, tomatoes or Mediterranean fish.

China is a hands-down choice, whether for simple dumplings or a lauriat. Cool vegetables and fruit balance warm spices and meat, with rice or noodles accompanying a meal. A great variety of foods, from cheese and champagne to snails and baguettes characterizes the food of France. The climate and topography of each region dictates the specialties of the area, whether it’s provincial, home-cooked meals or Nouvelle Cuisine.

Mexico offers more than tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas. The influence of Spain, France and Africa produces an array of enchanting dishes, especially during fiestas. To your “must visit” list you can add Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

In the USA, Traveler’s Choice lists New Orleans for its Creole and Cajun cuisine as well as impeccable French food; Napa California where restaurants with high Michelin rankings complement the region’s world-famous wines; Chicago which offers a choice of high-end dining or hot dogs and deep-dish pizza. Charleston is the go-to place for homestyle Southern food; San Francisco is where you find gourmet restaurants or great little eateries at the Ferry Building Marketplace; New York City offers you everything delicious under the sun. Your taste buds should also lead you to Savannah, Georgia; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Las Vegas and Asheville, North Carolina.

Once you’ve got a country or state in your sights because of its unique food, one good way to spend time there is to take a house sitting job. It enables you to stay for weeks or even months in the place spending for food instead of hotels or inns. You can get to know the people and their cuisine, giving you a unique opportunity to indulge your passion for food.

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