House Sitting for Retirees Is a Win-Win Situation

For many people retirement means they now have the time to visit those interesting places they’ve heard about. It’s the chance to see and experience life around the country just like they’ve always wanted but were to busy to get to in the past. Unfortunately for many, now that they have the time, the cost of accommodation can keep those dreams out of reach. That’s where house sitting comes in. By joining Mindahome as a house sitter, those dreams can still come true.

House sitting is where someone looks after another persons property and pets while they are away from home, most often its while they are on vacation. There is usually no monetary payment made to the house sitter as their payment is free accommodation. There are many house sitting opportunities listed on the Mindahome website and it’s a simple process to register as a house sitter, list information about yourself in a profile and pay the annual membership fee. When an opportunity for house sitting arises in an area included in your profile, you will be notified. House sitters can also search our lists of home owners needing sitters any contact any in an area they would like to visit.

For retirees house sitting opens up a new world of independence and adventure depending upon your choice. The house sitting job could be a few blocks from your own home or it could be in a beach resort on the other side of the country. The duration of the assignment could be for a few days, several  months or even a year. Tasks you will be asked to perform can be simple (like keeping the home clean and secure) or complex (like taking care of a pet, tending a garden, paying bills or arranging for repairs).

For the home owner who needs house sitting services, retirees are an excellent choice. First of all, retirees can house sit 24/7. Aside from the occasional trip to the grocery store or the post office, retirees don’t have offices or jobs to go to. They can be in the home attending to all the tasks they are asked to do. Another advantage of retirees doing house sitting is the experience and peace of mind they give to the client. Retirees have, invariably, managed their own homes and gone through the work experience of a career. This alone should give the client reassurance that he or she is not leaving the home in the hands of inexperienced persons. The age of retirees, of course, is additional assurance of the emotional stability of the persons who are charged with the safety and security of the client’s home.

Looked at from both angles, house sitting for retirees benefits both the home owners and the house sitters. For the home owners, there’s the assurance of experience, responsibility and time. For the retirees, there’s an opportunity to see and experience new places whilst not being burdened by the cost of accommodation.

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