House Sitting Makes Your Vacation Possible

Who doesn’t dream of going on a vacation and taking a much-needed break from life’s daily grind? Unfortunately, reality in the form of pets, utility bills, gardens and home security often gets in the way.

Nowadays, there’s a ready solution to this dilemma and it’s called house sitting. Simply put, house sitting means engaging someone to look after your home while you’re away. House sitting covers every task that you need to keep your home clean, secure and functioning properly while you’re not there. House sitting services include taking care of your pet, tending your lawn, paying your bills and forwarding your mail.

What’s even better, you get to choose the person or persons who will look after your home while you’re enjoying your days in the sun. Depending upon your needs, you can choose college students or retirees, men, women or couples, smokers or teetotalers. You can go over their profiles and resumes, interview them, discuss terms with them and establish rapport before you employ them for house sitting. Generally there is no payment required by the house sitter as their payment is free accommodation although, depending on the length of the house sit, payment of utilities needs to be negotiated.

If you’re planning on a vacation and think that house sitting may be an option, here’s what you do. Register your home with Mindahome, it’s a free service for home owners. Once registered, you can browse through our list of house sitters and look for those who match your requirements. Go through their profiles carefully, examine their work history and past experience in house sitting. Look for special skills that your house sitting requirements may need. Once you’ve found some possible candidates, contact them for personal interviews. The interviews may be face-to-face or via video chat or phone calls. The interview is your opportunity to ask for more information, dig deeper into the applicant’s background, find out more about the other person’s attitudes and establish rapport with your future house sitter. Once you’ve reached agreement on all the details of the house sitting arrangement, you and the house sitter can then draw up a written agreement or contract and have it legalized if you wish.

The next step is totally up to you. It involves getting your plane tickets, finalizing your itinerary and going off to start your vacation – thanks in part to house sitting. When a vacation seems like an impossible dream, make it come true by using Mindahome house sitting services.

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