Why Be a House Sitter?

It’s not difficult to be one, but why be a house sitter in the first place? The answer, for the right person, is easy: save on accommodation costs while experiencing different places as a local, not a tourist. House sitting is an activity that’s not only ideal for persons suited to this type of work: retirees, self-employed persons or those who are not tied down to jobs with fixed time schedules and commitments but also people saving for their first home or wanting to check out a location before deciding which area they would like to move into permanently.

Becoming a house sitter is easy. All you need to do is sign up with Mindahome and pay an annual fee to become a member of our organization. You’ll need to provide some personal information plus specifics about which areas you can do house sitting in, what times you can do so and other conditions you might want to impose.

Once you’re joined, every time an opportunity for house sitting comes up in the area you included in your profile, you will be informed. You can also browse our lists of available sitting positions and contact those that suite you. Where, when and how you do your house sitting job depends upon you entirely.

You can accept house sitting jobs in your neighborhood, your city or anywhere in America you’re comfortable with. For a number of persons, the answer to the question: “Why be a house sitter?” is that “it gives me the chance to visit new places, savor different lifestyles and experience many things that are new to me”. Many people who can only dream of living in a different part of the country will realize that being a house sitter can, indeed, open up opportunities like this.

House sitting may not be for everyone. However, for those whose life styles and situations offer a proper fit, the fun that house sitting provides cannot be matched by any other type of occupation. You get to choose the places, times and conditions. House sitting gives you a chance to get to know different people, and see and experience how things get done in other parts of the country. Tasks may be simple like keeping the house clean and secure. Or, they may be a bit more complicated like paying bills, arranging for home repairs, taking care of a pet or tending a garden. Whatever the house sitting agreement calls for, you can be sure that the compensation will be more than adequate.

Many people have made house sitting a full-time career. Once you’ve established a reputation as a dependable house sitter, job offers may reach a point where you can fill an entire year’s calendar with a long-term house sitting assignment or a series of short-term jobs that can take you from one place to another.

It isn’t common, nowadays, to find a lifestyle that offers free accommodation with the chance for discovery and fun. House sitting is one of these rare opportunities and should get you thinking why you should be a house sitter.

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