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About Tanya and Andrew

We are aged in our early and mid thirties and have taken a chance to change our lives for the better.
We left our full time IT jobs in Australia for life on the long term road travelling through Asia (for the moment anyhow, there is more to the world than just Asia!).

We left Perth, Australia at the start of November Two Thousand and Eleven and have been travel blogging our way through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia since then. Check out our website at magictravelblog(dot)com. You will be bombarded with information and photos and stories of who we are and what we do!

We are looking for house sitting positions that are longer than two weeks at a time. Preferably close to public transport or a vehicle, whether a motorbike or car that we can use. As we work on the web part time, internet is required. Don’t worry, we won’t use all of your monthly bandwith!

We are both animal people, Tanya prefers cats as they are easier to look after and generally enjoy her cuddles. Andrew prefers dogs as he likes to go out running with them. Birds and guinea pigs are also fine too!

By the way, we also have Australian Federal Police Clearances... just ask us!

We also have a number of references that can be seen on our website - magictravelblog(dot)com/housesitting

Why do we want to house sit?
We are interested in house sitting as it will give us a chance to experience life in a place morethoroughly instead of constantly staying in hotels.

We find that when we do stay with people in apartments or houses or guest houses, the experience we get is highly enjoyable. Living like a local does.

Another reason why we want to house sit is to give back to the world. There is nothing worse than people wanting to go travelling but they are too scared and upset to leave their pets either with strangers at a pet sitting facility or with strangers at home or with family or friends that may or may not want to actually pet sit.

We are here to help!

Our experience with house sitting:
Our first professional house sitting gig was in Taipei, Taiwan from the twenty first July two thousand twelve through to the thirty first August two thousand and twelve. We cared after two sugar gliders and an apartment for six weeks. Yes, we were very excited!

Our next house sitting gig is in Perth, Western Australia for six weeks starting November of this year. This time we will be looking after a cat, many chooks and a lot of fish!

We have also had a number of properties in Perth, Australia, so we know exactly how important a house / apartment is. There will be no broken stuff from us!

What can we bring to the assignment?
We offer our thorough and helpful selves to look after your property, pets and mail if necessary.

We are clean, capable of cleaning and will hopefully not break anything in your house. Please
move those Fabergé eggs to somewhere safe though, just in case!
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