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Available in states:
Massachusetts, Rhode Island
Preferred locations:
Rhode Island, Massachusetts
Is / Are:
Age group:
55 plus
Available from:
January 2015
Current bookings:
I am a 57 year old professional female with dual citizenship, both U.S. and U.K., currently living in Liverpool, U.K. (My husband is Scottish.) Although living here has been quite the adventure, I'm terribly homesick for the U.S. and need to start the process of repatriation. And, since my only son has returned to the U.S. to pursue ice hockey development with a dream of securing a place on a college hockey team and my best friend lives in E. Greenwich, RI, I really want to have the opportunity to live in that area. My husband has begun the process of jobhunting for work in U.S. or Canada (he's in the maritime shipping industry) but hasn't had any luck, yet. Meanwhile, my former 20+ career as a clinical social worker in the U.S. has been shelved while living here, as they will not recognise my American credentials and the recession is still very bad. Merseyside area of England is very provincial...most have never even heard of Columbia University, my alma mater. Recently, my job with the local NHS Infant Feeding Team was downsized so I'm unemployed and more than ready to find a way to repatriate back to U.S. and help my 18 yr. old son become better settled into American culture. So, I need the time to get recredentialed and licensed in RI and start jobhunting. The prospect of housesitting on a temporary basis would be the perfect solution to adjusting back to U.S. I'm also hoping that my son could live with me, too, for a short time. Please note that I'm quite the clean freak so would make great effort to leave the home in better condition than the original state (if that's possible)!!! I'm also a big advocate for direct and open avoid any miscommunications or misunderstanding of what is expected and preferred. I also LOVE all pets, except for snakes, and would be overjoyed to be able to have the added responsibility of pet sitting, too.
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