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All states (full list)
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Is / Are:
A couple
Age group:
46 to 55
Available from:
February 2019
Friendly, non-smokers, reliable and mature, we are privileged to take great care of your Home and Pets.

If you are planning a trip away for any length of time, it's nice to know your home and family pets are in good hands.

For a worry free get away, whether for a few days or few Months, your home and Pets are safe in the hands of Michele and Steve, we are mature, experienced and very practical, and love all animals. Your Cats, Dogs, Rabbits or Goats will receive all the love, care and exercise they deserve.

Just loving and caring for your pets is not always enough. You need someone with Experience of protecting, caring and giving your wonderful family pet or pets a loving safe environment that makes them un-anxious when you're away. None of us want our playful puppy or purring puss to have to stay in a Kennel or Cattery, the idea of House sitting is to allow them to stay in a familiar environment, so whilst you're away they can have as close as possible the day to day living that you would provide when you are at home.

Michele and Steve both work over the Internet, we are not needing to get out of the house for any extended periods, so your pets and home won't be neglected during our stay.

We have looked after many Pets over the years and we make sure that when an owner returns, they are 100% happy that their home has been respected and their animals will be overjoyed to see them but sad to see us leave.

What Animals have we cared for.

We love all dogs without saying and have cared and parented many over the years. As pet owners we have had a Border Collie called Ben, a Heinz 57 named Shandy and a Cocker spaniel named Toby, We have cared for many Dogs during our House sitting, a Number of Poodle Crosses and dear little Bichon Frise, two German Shepherds and a pair of Golden Retrievers.

Michele and I can barely count the Number of Cats and Kittens we have loved over the past years and even Nursed from tiny little balls of fluff. We once found three little Kittens orphaned by their Mother and had to rear them on special formula to healthy little darlings. Such happy days.
What can we say about cats? If you are a cat person, you'll know how we feel. It's rare that a cat who's owners say is shy of men or strangers, doesn't react surprised when their cats make their way to Steve's outreached hand, he has a way with cats.

Pigs, Sheep, Chooks and farm Animals. We lived for 5 Years on a small hobby farm where we raised and cared for so many animals. We waited through the night for our sheep Waffle to give birth to her first lambs, Fizz and Willow. Helped farrow Piglets and Ducklings and had the joy of our Broody Bantam trot out of the Barn with a trail of mixed babies she fostered with care.

It's not all about Pets, sometimes a home needs a good carer, Michele and Steve like to offer the care and attention that we would expect in our own home.

Steve is Super practical with all things should any problem arise, never panics and is able to keep your home ticking along trouble free. We like our home owners to leave and Arrive Home with the period in-between, stress and worry free. With your permission we would like to leave you free to not worry, if you want regular updates, no problem but should you wish not to be overly disturbed that's great too. Steve and Michele are great around the Garden and Home

Michele is the Consummate mother and Home keeper, tidy and structured, you will not need to be concerned that your home will be kept ordered and clean as you would yourself.

We are both also Personable and Fun.. Contact us for a Chat by Phone.. Skype.. Whatsaap.. Messenger.. if you're comfortable to chat. I think we can make you feel safe and comfortable to leave your most precious property and loved ones with a couple, that we hope you agree, you will come to know as friends.
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