Man with no pets of his own available

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Available in states:
Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington
Preferred locations:
Rocky Mountains and Plains States
Is / Are:
Age group:
55 plus
Available from:
25 oct 12
Current bookings:
Hailing from the East Coast, I am a 66 year old divorced male with 3 grown children and a happily re-married ex-wife. I seek to avoid the burdens of home ownership. I have no pets of my own. I am an expert sailor (e.g. Trans-Atalantic), expert skier (deep powder), and I just finished bicycling across the country (San Diego, CA - Houlton, ME. While I do not intend to own any pets for the foreseeable future, I am comfortable with other person's pets. I find they behave much better around me than they do around their owners. I am a former Army Officer with combat service in Vietnam. I am a graduate with an MBA from a well-known Eastern business school. I am an amateur handy-man and can fix cars, heating and plumbing problems, and electrical wiring. I have Medicare Parts A & B: and I have AARP. So I present no insurance problem as to health. I am bondable. AndI have a list of references (that you may phone directly) which will knock your socks off. And Oh: I do not smoke. I do no drugs. And I love one very strong Gin&Tonic in the evening. I am also not over-weight or long-haired: and my daughters think that I am quite handsome. I will arrive in my Nissan Pathfinder with all my gear. And I will only make a moderate mess in a relatively small portion of your house. To close: I am a lapsed Episcopalian and actually go to church very very irregularly. My politics are to the left of Lenin.
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