Respectful of other people's property

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Los Angeles
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36 to 45
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I lived in Los Angeles for years and freelanced in the film industry. After the economic crisis, I lost all my houses, and decided to take a work hiatus and attend school in Paris. I am taking a semester off to return to work and save money for next semester.

I am an ideal candidate to watch your house because: a) I have owned houses and understand what it is to value a property. B) I have been a landlord and understand first hand what it is like when you trust someone with your property and they fail you.

I have the utmost respect for other people's property. I prefer working and don't do drugs. I am a neat freak and I am a strong believer that if you do bad, something bad will happen to you.
I can afford to get my own place, However, I would rather save that money for when I live in Paris. Plus, this way I get to help out someone.
Let me know if you have any questions. I am not opposed to any background checks.

I look forward to taking care of your house.

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