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55 plus
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April 2014
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I am a divorced 58 year old, white female, and United States Air Force veteran with a Liberal Arts degree. I do not drink, smoke, party or use nonprescription drugs. I would best be described as quiet and stoic; 5' 7”, plus-size (as my one excess is dark chocolate), and a plain Jane. I am the third born child from a family of ten, who left home at age 16 and has worked ever since, with just a few hiatuses, without financial success. I have no savings or alternate source of income so an unpaid position will not work for me. I am used to living a solitary life and love to read and work on genealogy online or watch TV. While I am sociable, I would rather be alone than in a crowd any day. I am among the female minority with no real interest in talking, shopping or marriage. My preference would be for a position that does have internet access. I prefer working in the USA because, due to low income, my health care is through the Veterans Administration. I have disintegrating disc's in my lower back that have fused and bad knees so manual labor is not an option. I am allergic to cat dander.
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