Sweet Silver Lady

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I'm a compassionate Animal Lover having had a female Irish Setter Tannie who gave birth to 12 puppies, to my disappointment not one of them turned out red, but I loved all her 10 puppies that lived. My husband and I have a cat Buggers. Yes, I love animals and really enjoy them. They're precious creations from our Creator. As well as care for my neighbors' beautiful thoroughbred rag doll cats, precious they are! Then there's Buddy everyone loves who's a miniature Chua wow dog what a pleasure walking him.

I have worked as a caregiver and personal assistant for about 11 years. Mostly in Florida and presently I'm a personal assistant live-in here in Burbank, CA. My oldest senior was 100 years old. I am compassionate, loving, loyal and a great listener.
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