1. What types of homes do you offer?

Most members offer to exchange their homes and apartments and some offer their second homes, in fact any kind of holiday accommodation is acceptable including boats and caravans.

2. Will my name and address appear online?

We value your privacy and your contact information is not made available or visible to anyone until you contact a member using our Private Messaging system. Visitors to the site see your listing, but are unable to contact you directly, unless they take out a membership and even then they wont see your email address until you reply to their Private Message.

3. Do I need a photograph?

Yes we encourage members to upload photographs, which will always attract visitors to your listing and can be changed at any time. Photographs can be of your home and grounds and also of views and attractions in you area.

4. How do I upload photographs?

There is provision with instructions for uploading up to 10 photographs during the listing submission process. These photos can be changed at any time in the future.

5. Is payment required to list my home?

No. Listing your home is free.

6. Can I edit my listing?

Yes. Use your member name and password to log in and access your listing and make any changes at all including your contact information.

7. What shall I do if I forget my password?

Click on the 'Login' link then click the 'Forgot password' link on the login page. Details for resetting your password will be sent to the email address you enter.

8. What shall I do if my email address changes?

It is up to you to keep your contact information current. Please remember to update your listing with your new email address, so that other members can contact you.

9. Will I save a lot of money by home exchanging?

Yes indeed. Think about it. There will be no more hotel, restaurant or laundry bills. Shopping for food in another country becomes part of the fun if you decide not to eat out every evening.

10. Can I exchange my car?

Yes. Many members offer the use of their car or bikes when exchanging homes. We recommend that you have a formal contract as a safeguard, should any problems occur.

11. How do I arrange an exchange?

It's simple. Once you join, you are able to contact other members. Browse the listings and Private Message those members whose listings interest you. Introduce yourself and ask if they might be interested in an exchange with you at some time in the future. Don't forget that other members will read your listing and will also be contacting you!

12. Will anyone want my home?

House swappers are more interested in the location of the home, than the home itself. Your home acts as a base to explore the city and the surrounding area. Homes with photographs and offering more amenities will naturally attract more interest. People are different so there is no hard and fast rules. Rural homes are also of interest to people eager to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Never underestimate the value of your home - there is always someone out there looking for what you have to offer.

13. Should I be nervous about leaving my home to people I have never met?

It's natural to be hesitant, but in reality the only problem people occasionally encounter is a difference in housekeeping standards. Don't forget, they haven't met you either and will have the same anxieties of you! In fact most exchangers take even greater care of your home than their own and will invariably leave your home cleaner than they found on arrival. We do take your worries seriously and if you have any reasons for complaint against other members, please let us know.

14. What if there are problems when I'm away?

For added peace of mind you can ask a good friend or neighbour who lives nearby to assist, should your exchanger require advice about your home or the neighbourhood? Your friend could also be responsible for welcoming your exchanger at the airport, and handing over the keys to your home.

15. Is insurance necessary?

You should inform your home insurance company that you are leaving your home in the care of non-paying guests, as insurance companies prefer your home to be left occupied at all times. And rather than worry about people you have never met living in your home, just consider the added security you now have knowing someone is caring for your home in your absence.

16. Who pays the bills?

Most people who exchange homes continue paying their own bills, with the possible exception of the phone bill, which can easily be itemised for the exchange period.

17. Should I have some sort of formal agreement?

For peace of mind some members prefer drawing up an agreement which should be signed by both parties prior to an exchange. The agreement should summarise all the issues you have dealt with in your correspondence, in particular, if you are exchanging your car.