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House sitters available for house sitting positions are listed below. There is no cost for home owners to use our site to find a sitter.

When you use our service you also receive our free 'Guide to House Sitting' eBook. This book was produced to help make your house sitting experience a pleasant one so that you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your home and pets are being well taken care of.

To save time you can have sitters that are available for your location and timing contact you - tell us about your needs here.

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House Sitter - Young female house sitter available

Young female house sitter available

Fun loving student. I love pets, grew up with 6 dogs in our house. Living in South Africa and would love the opportunity to travel to a new place and explore a different environment. I can't afford to travel so this would be an ideal and budget friendly way to see a new place. I love making...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 259
House Sitter - House and Animal Sitting

House and Animal Sitting

I am a retired CPA based out of Nashville, TN. I worked 20 years in Federal Law Enforcement, then spent 10 years with the Metropolitan Government in Nashville working in the Finance Department. I enjoy reading, music, spending time with the elderly and animals.
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 248
House Sitter - House/Pet Sitting

House/Pet Sitting

Currently semi retired and available to take an assignment for 1 - 3 weeks (flexable) depending on your needs. I'm 58 years old and live in Maine. I've owned and mantained a large home, I'm honest and reliable and enjoy photography and painting. I love pets and would take really good care of...
Preferred sit locations: California, New York City, Vermont, South Carolina.West Virginia
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ID: 245
House Sitter - Travel in Peace

Travel in Peace

I am a thirty two year old woman that enjoys traveling, myself, and though I don't care to "toot my own horn", I consider myself a person of strong integrity. I believe in treating others as I expect to be treated and this would be my philosophy for caring for your home as well. I have been a...
Preferred sit locations: Oklahoma
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ID: 243
House Sitter - Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter

I'm a fun and loving, experienced pet sitter with many references. I love animals and am willing to help in whatever way I can. I'm 22 years old and have been housesitting for several different families in the Connecticut area since I was 16. Would love a chance to travel and see another part of...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 231
House Sitter - responsible couple

responsible couple

Responsible couple--freelance writer and computer programmer with two small, well behaved dogs would like to housesit. Can provide security and a quiet and responsible presence while you are away.
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 217
House Sitter - Professional, Former LE Available

Professional, Former LE Available

Hello, I am a former law enforcement officer and currently a professional mediator & corporate trainer. I love to travel and have flexibility in my life and interest to do so. I am a dog lover, so I can care for your pets in your absence as well. Feel free to contact me with any...
Preferred sit locations: California
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ID: 216
House Sitter - anywhere, any time

anywhere, any time

I am a retired master carpenter that wants to see the United States. I am honest, dependable, good with house pets and I also have some limited experience with horses.
Preferred sit locations: mainland U.S.
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ID: 215
House Sitter - House/Pet Sitter

House/Pet Sitter

I am very outgoing and trust worthy, and I love to travel and try new things!
Preferred sit locations: Los Angeles, CA
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ID: 210
House Sitter - Retwill home and animal sitired grandpa

Retwill home and animal sitired grandpa

I am a retired former entrepreneur, who has time on my hands and would like to do something to supplement my retirement income. I graduated from college in 1966 and Law School in 1970. While attending Law School, I taught school in the public school system. I love children and animals. I am...
Preferred sit locations: Miami, FL
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ID: 205
House Sitter - kirstiannhoward


My name is Kirstiann, I grew up in Cordova, Alaska--and I currently coach varsity volleyball at the high school here from august-november each year. I graduated with my bachelors degree in Recreational Management with a minor in International Studies. I am currently working odd jobs while...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 204
House Sitter - Long-term assignment wanted

Long-term assignment wanted

Native New Englander, 57, now residing in Los Angeles. Have extensive house/pet/farm/inn-sitting experience and references in US and UK including management of small B&B. Former college store book buyer, massage therapist, realtor, antique restorer, and historical researcher looking to...
Preferred sit locations: US or Europe
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ID: 194
House Sitter - globetrotters


Retired military, post office and united airlines. Christians, love to travel world wide. Flexible and available to housesit beginning Feb 5 after our trip to Africa. Interacts with all cultures, religions and ages. Speaks spanish, not fluent, but good enough to communicate. Willing to...
Preferred sit locations: delaware, philadelphia
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ID: 191
House Sitter - Tim to house sit

Tim to house sit

Hi there, I am a recently Graduated Marketing student from Melbourne, Australia looking to travel to some major cities within the USA. I am a clean 23 year old male who is has been living on my own in Australia for the past 5 years. I am tidy and would thrive on the chance and oportunity to...
Preferred sit locations: Major Cities
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ID: 187
House Sitter - house and pet sitter

house and pet sitter

Preferred sit locations: north carolina,florida,alaska
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ID: 182
House Sitter - unencumbered


newly retired, former homeowner/gardener. Independent, willing and able to travel anywhere. Clean, quiet, responsible, trustworthy,
Preferred sit locations: portland, oregon
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ID: 177
House Sitter - mrs.


I am a single lady who LOVES animals of all kinds.And I've been a caregiver over 40 yrs and I need a change of scenery and I would like to sit and care for your house and animals. I prefer country settings.Thank you and God bless.
Preferred sit locations: illinois,indiana,missouri
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ID: 175
House Sitter - Mr


I am a 66 year old male. I am young and adventurous in mind and spirit. While I am not presently serving as one,I am an ordained clergymen.Presently I work in education at a Juvenile Detention Center in St Louis,Missouri.For the past three years I have worked in alternative education and the...
Preferred sit locations: Any
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ID: 140
House Sitter - Experienced Competent Trustworthy Couple

Experienced Competent Trustworthy Couple

My husband and I have been married for 46 years and have done two house/pet sitting assignments thru housesitters america website. We can furnish excellent references. The hardest part of house/pet sitting is leaving the pets behind. We love animals and a clean environment. You will find...
Preferred sit locations: Florida, California, Arizona, Missouri
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ID: 159
House Sitter - Looking for new experiences

Looking for new experiences

65+ retired pharmacist. Present home owner, gardner land scape experience(not looking for a job) but experience with problem settings. Small animal experience. Former school teacher Hardy man and maintainence.responsibile and honest.I have live in different areas of the country . My wife is a ...
Preferred sit locations: Midwest and mountain region
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ID: 154
House Sitter - House sitter

House sitter

I am a retired professional golfer I am 6' 180 lbs divorced 3 grown kids I have sat for friends as they needed and family also I look forward to sitting anywhere & I am in Florida now. Looking forward to hearing from you the easiest way to get ahold of me is by e-mail at thank...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 151
House Sitter - house/pet sitter mature, responsible

house/pet sitter mature, responsible

I am a mature, responsible female, who loves and has experience with dogs and cats. I would be happy to take care of your home and your pets; and I offer loving care and attention to them. I prefer longterm stays of one month or more, but would consider shortterm in Central Florida, my...
Preferred sit locations: Florida, Hawaii, Seattle, D.C., Chicago, Sedona, Tampa, Denver
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ID: 144
House Sitter - Housesitter


I am a very gym active, young at heart, fun, viby, animal friendly person and peoples person. I enjoy the outdoors aswell as indoors. I am very independent, honest, trustworthy, reliable, hardworking, enjoy a good adventure and always interested to improve my horizons. I have excellent...
Preferred sit locations: Any of the above
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ID: 134
House Sitter - Experienced Mature Individual

Experienced Mature Individual

Former Professional Chef & Restaurant Manager, Internationally Published Photojournalist, Writer, Editor. Great with Pets. Veteran. Websites, References.
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 135
House Sitter - Just retired and travelling!

Just retired and travelling!

We are a couple of recently retired Australians who have been doing house sits and travelling. Loving the experiences. Have met some wonderful people and cared for a whole range of great animals, from farm animals (cattle, alpacas, goats etc) to dogs, cats and chickens. We're practical,...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 131
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