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House sitters available for house sitting positions are listed below. There is no cost for home owners to use our site to find a sitter.

When you use our service you also receive our free 'Guide to House Sitting' eBook. This book was produced to help make your house sitting experience a pleasant one so that you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your home and pets are being well taken care of.

To save time you can have sitters that are available for your location and timing contact you - tell us about your needs here.

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House Sitter - LovetoCare


We are a retired couple. Both worked in the Banking industry for 40 years. We love pets and the outdoors. We spend our time on home projects, gardening, golfing and pickleball and travelling. We are handy around the home and yard and keep our home in spectacular condition. We would love to...
Preferred sit locations: Hawaii Arizona California Texas Nevada
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ID: 2982
House Sitter - Kate & Izzy

Kate & Izzy

We are an easy going, friendly couple who are geared for customer satisfaction! We are tidy, mindful, respectful, and responsible. We will always go the extra mile to ensure our clients are nothing short of thrilled to have us look after their home. We have experience with residential...
Preferred sit locations: Central texas
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ID: 3173
House Sitter - Retired couple traveling the world

Retired couple traveling the world

We are a late 50's retired couple who have been traveling the world for the last 4 years house sitting and working for room and board. We've owned several houses so we are familiar with maintenance, landscaping care, pets, and dealing with emergencies. We can provide extensive references and...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3120
House Sitter - They call me the "dog whisperer"

They call me the "dog whisperer"

Hi I am a certified housesitter/pet sitter. I retired in 2011 and started traveling which got me interested in doing Housesitting/pet sitting. I had a little Shiz Tsu which I had for 13 years and of course various other dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, ferrets and fish. Since I did so much...
Preferred sit locations: PNW
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ID: 2954
House Sitter - Samantha L Parks

Samantha L Parks

I am a 23-year-old student from Washington State who wants to be able to travel and see new places. I love being around animals and currently have 1 cat and 2 dogs that I help take care of. I work part-time as a housekeeper so be assured that your house will be kept clean while I am there. I am...
Preferred sit locations: WA
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ID: 3103
House Sitter - Driza


I have been a mom, a grandmother, and/or a wife for the last 30 years. Now, having recently ended a 10 year relationship, I am discovering a newfound freedom and I want to take advantage of the opportunity to see more of the country. I have spent the last several years transporting pets (a job...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3139
House Sitter - Taffy & Kensley - USA/England

Taffy & Kensley - USA/England

Hi, Kensley (my Maltese dog who comes with me or not depending on owner preference) & I are experienced house/farm/animal/b&b/self-catering cottage sitters both in California and England since 2009. Your pets, animals and home will be responsibly looked after and cared for. I take in mail, deal...
Preferred sit locations: Any
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ID: 2868
House Sitter - Home manger

Home manger

I am 52 years young. Divorce with three great kids one in Baylor and two in HPHS Dallas. I am a High-tech Sales Strategist - Value Consultant. Most of my work is on-line and very fliexible with some planning. In pass career I was realtor and managed over 200 properties with my previous...
Preferred sit locations: Austin,TX
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ID: 3133
House Sitter - Lubov Bogopolskaya

Lubov Bogopolskaya

Hi! My name is Lubov. I am looking to housesit together with my boyfriend. I'd be happy to keep your pets company, water the plants, get the mail, etc.
Preferred sit locations: FL
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ID: 3128
House Sitter - Kerry Harvey

Kerry Harvey

I love to travel and have experience in pet sitting and house sitting. I was a caregiver for my Mom and since she passed on to her next adventure (in heaven)!!! I am ready to travel and discover this beautiful world. I have 2 very well very loved fur babies - and 2 grown children.
Preferred sit locations: Texas
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ID: 3121
House Sitter - Wayne Hochberg

Wayne Hochberg

Mature, non-smoking couple with dual US / Canada citizenship. Looking for stays for 1 week or more and will be available from end October through end April. All we require is good wifi, decent bed and not much else. If feasible we would bring our 2 1/2 year old dog, Chili, with us.
Preferred sit locations: Tennessee, Geogia, California
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ID: 3118
House Sitter - Experienced house sitter, non smoker

Experienced house sitter, non smoker

Hi, I'm Rob. I'm from the suburbs of Detroit, MI. I have experience doing long term house sits in the USA, France, and the United Kingdom. In France I took care of chickens, ducks, and a medium to large sized garden for one month. In the US and UK I had two different sits, one for 9 months and...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3117
House Sitter - House Sitter

House Sitter

I provide loving care for your pets and your home with plenty of time and affection. I have day and night vet advice access if something unexpected comes up. I have experience in loving care for pets of all ages and needs. Your pets are always safe and secure with me. I am enjoying my...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3114
House Sitter - Experienced House and Pet Sitter

Experienced House and Pet Sitter

I have been house and pet sitting in Spain, Canada and the U.S. for a few years now. I moved from Michigan to Florida in 2018 and now call Sarasota home. I only do overnight stays and prefer long-term sits when not near my home. I'm young-at-heart 70+ single woman who loves to travel and...
Preferred sit locations: Florida, Northeast U.S., Michigan, Wisconsin and Canada
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ID: 2959
House Sitter - Kind Cheerful Responsable House-PetSitte

Kind Cheerful Responsable House-PetSitte

OLA.CHEERFUL GREETINGS .. PLAYFUL OUTDOORSY PET AND HOUSE SITTER Sunny Greetings I grew up around rabbits, chickens, cats and our beloved dog Jupiter..a black and white colly who enjoyed swimming in the Mediterranean ocean with me. I am a cultural interpreter and yoga instructor..I love the...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3102
House Sitter - Ralph and Lynne

Ralph and Lynne

We are a middle aged, fun and healthy, active, animal loving, adventurous couple from South Africa and simply love the USA! Have been over numerous times and have pet/house sitting references. We are retired and do this to see the world and make a difference. Love Oregon, Cali and Idaho best!...
Preferred sit locations: Oregon or California
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ID: 3097
House Sitter - Traveling Nomads

Traveling Nomads

We are a friendly couple with experience taking care of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, turtles, iguanas, fish (saltwater and freshwater), horses, rabbits, chickens, llamas, pigs, and other farm animals. We enjoy slow traveling through California and exploring our environment, discovering the...
Preferred sit locations: CA
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ID: 3094
House Sitter - Travelling Homebody

Travelling Homebody

About Me I'm a homebody at heart, but I do like experiencing new places. I'll go explore a bit while I’m at your home, but much of the time I'll be writing, cocooning, and hanging out with your beloved furbabies. I love to walk, so if one or more of your animals also enjoys walks, great!...
Preferred sit locations: Washington DC
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ID: 2869
House Sitter - CatsDogs


Hello I am an early retiree and now travel the world doing pet and house care.I am based in London. I love to go on walks to the local parks with doggies or walk by the beach. In the evening having a cat on my lap is heaven. Would love to help you and your furry friends.
Preferred sit locations: VIC
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ID: 3068
House Sitter - Retired wanting new experiences in life!

Retired wanting new experiences in life!

I’m a retired law enforcement. I’ve worked also as a fire”woman” and EMS. I’m a mom of 3 children whom are all grown. I’m recently available to travel and house sit. I was raised on a farm. Love plants and animals. I’m ready to do what I want now and discover new places.
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3014
House Sitter - VivP


Hi I am looking for to care for homes in different states. I love to travel. If you are looking for a trust I am a trust worthy honest person. I desire to travel the world. I would love to house sit for you. I will make you happy. We have a home in California. I am also available in the inland...
Preferred sit locations: Open looking to explore the world
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ID: 2997
House Sitter - NMiller


I am a 31 year old with a bachelor degree in Social Work. I work at a pre-school full time and am looking for ways to make extra money in the evenings and on the weekends. My partner is 34 and works in multimedia. We share a 1 year old boy and combined we have 5 children total. we enjoy...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 2994
House Sitter - Ms


I enjoy living in the mountains, bush walking, meditation, travelling and reading. My work background is Social Work and Counselling. I am experienced with domestic duties, have worked as a nanny and owned a dog.
Preferred sit locations: California, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii
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ID: 2988
House Sitter - Papamac


I am a mid sixties natural healing practioner. I am a master building craftsman and can fix or build anything on a building. I love animals and children and yardwork and gardening.I can also be a live in care giver.I am a homeowner and have rental units in southern Colorado. I like to travel.
Preferred sit locations: Hawaii,California,Arizona
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ID: 2957
House Sitter - Responsible & Friendly Traveling couple

Responsible & Friendly Traveling couple

Hello! My partner Rick and I are traveling musicians and play primarily in yoga studios. Rick is also a handyman and sometimes does home repairs when we house sit. I write and do online marketing for a yoga studio in Colorado. We love to see the world, spend time outdoors and engage with...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 2938
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