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House sitters available for house sitting positions are listed below. There is no cost for home owners to use our site to find a sitter.

When you use our service you also receive our free 'Guide to House Sitting' eBook. This book was produced to help make your house sitting experience a pleasant one so that you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your home and pets are being well taken care of.

To save time you can have sitters that are available for your location and timing contact you - tell us about your needs here.

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House Sitter - House Sitter/Pet Nanny

House Sitter/Pet Nanny

Hello there, I have history in house sitting, dog sitting and care. As a member of the Animal Ministry at my Spiritual center, I participated in their community outreach for years. I have sat and walked as needed on several occasions.spending nights and weekends while their "kinsman" where...
Preferred sit locations: NYC, Los Angeles, Bay Area, Miami
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ID: 258
House Sitter - Paul and Todra

Paul and Todra

We are experienced house and pet sitters who love pets. We are seeking a house sit in Southern California starting in late January 2013 as a transitional space for a move from the East Coast to the West Coast. We've been house sitting for three years and can provide contact information for...
Preferred sit locations: Southern California
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ID: 257
House Sitter - dolphinlover


I am a retired college professor looking for adventure; have laptop will travel. I have owned seven homes in my lifetime, so I have experience with home upkeep and household emergencies.
Preferred sit locations: metropolitan area of any city
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ID: 251
House Sitter - House and Animal Sitting

House and Animal Sitting

I am a retired CPA based out of Nashville, TN. I worked 20 years in Federal Law Enforcement, then spent 10 years with the Metropolitan Government in Nashville working in the Finance Department. I enjoy reading, music, spending time with the elderly and animals.
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 248
House Sitter - House/Pet Sitting

House/Pet Sitting

Currently semi retired and available to take an assignment for 1 - 3 weeks (flexable) depending on your needs. I'm 58 years old and live in Maine. I've owned and mantained a large home, I'm honest and reliable and enjoy photography and painting. I love pets and would take really good care of...
Preferred sit locations: California, New York City, Vermont, South Carolina.West Virginia
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ID: 245
House Sitter - Travel in Peace

Travel in Peace

I am a thirty two year old woman that enjoys traveling, myself, and though I don't care to "toot my own horn", I consider myself a person of strong integrity. I believe in treating others as I expect to be treated and this would be my philosophy for caring for your home as well. I have been a...
Preferred sit locations: Oklahoma
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ID: 243
House Sitter - Homelover1982


I am a clean, responsible, 30 year old attorney. I'm a Stanford Law grad who worked at a large firm for two years, and I am now looking for a more flexible lifestyle -- I work in business development for startups and I write. I love homes -- I am a fan of architecture, design, and decor. ...
Preferred sit locations: Silicon Valley
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ID: 241
House Sitter - Pet lovers, retired teachers,flexible.

Pet lovers, retired teachers,flexible.

We are flexible and very dependable. World traveled, we want to spend the winters in the West. We lived in New Mexico and Nevada and explored much of the area. We no longer have our dog and willingly and dependably babysit our friends' animals. We are very adaptable and have always...
Preferred sit locations: Sante Fe, Taos, Albuquerque, Silver City NM.-- Reno, Las Vegas NV. Durango Col, Portland...
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ID: 235
House Sitter - Caring House & Pet Sitter

Caring House & Pet Sitter

I am an experienced and responsible house and pet sitter. I love all animals, have a green thumb, and like keeping things tidy. I'm happy to take care of any special needs your pet may have, including administering medications, providing special diets, etc. I will always leave your home as...
Preferred sit locations: Bay Area, CA; Portland, OR
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ID: 234
House Sitter - housekeeper/dog sitter

housekeeper/dog sitter

My name is Elena Kvitka and I'm currently (Dec.20) seeking cash jobs as a housekeper/pet sitting. I have experience and car, if you need help with your house or dogs/cats sitting. Email me I can send you my resume. Hope to hear from you
Preferred sit locations: NYCity, Brooklyn
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ID: 233
House Sitter - Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter

I'm a fun and loving, experienced pet sitter with many references. I love animals and am willing to help in whatever way I can. I'm 22 years old and have been housesitting for several different families in the Connecticut area since I was 16. Would love a chance to travel and see another part of...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 231
House Sitter - sandynaeco


Preferred sit locations: anywhere in the state of california
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ID: 230
House Sitter - Experienced house, pet, estate, garden s

Experienced house, pet, estate, garden s

Responsible, friendly, healthy, organized, clean animal loving Young at heart female with a lifetime of references from Doctors to Presidents to CEOs. Leave on a holiday and return to a home clean and shiny!
Preferred sit locations: Orange County/LA areas
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ID: 228
House Sitter - House Sitter in San Diego County

House Sitter in San Diego County

I am an animal lover. I am highly skilled in housekeeping. I did professional housecleaning, elderly caretaker and nursing home cooking while in college. With that experience, and after raising two daughters and caring for the various pets we had, I am highly qualified as a housekeeper who will...
Preferred sit locations: San Diego
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ID: 227
House Sitter - house sitter

house sitter

I am a semi retired former television professional looking for a change, I am a person who enjoys gardening. I am in the process of writing a children's book. I have had a number of dogs and cats in my lifetime and love animals. I stayed at a friends ranch where I got a chance to ride horses...
Preferred sit locations: United States
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ID: 223
House Sitter - Responsible College Student

Responsible College Student

I'm a fifth year college student at San Francisco State University. I'm studying Business Marketing and Chinese. I have a passion for cooking and baking and eating. When I was 16 years old, people thought I was much older because I was mature and responsible. At age 22, I am still responsible...
Preferred sit locations: United States
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ID: 222
House Sitter - House sitter

House sitter

Honest,responsible ,hard working,can count on me,loyal,smart,know bookkeeping ,organize
Preferred sit locations: Santa Barbara and close area
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ID: 221
House Sitter - responsible couple

responsible couple

Responsible couple--freelance writer and computer programmer with two small, well behaved dogs would like to housesit. Can provide security and a quiet and responsible presence while you are away.
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 217
House Sitter - Professional, Former LE Available

Professional, Former LE Available

Hello, I am a former law enforcement officer and currently a professional mediator & corporate trainer. I love to travel and have flexibility in my life and interest to do so. I am a dog lover, so I can care for your pets in your absence as well. Feel free to contact me with any...
Preferred sit locations: California
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ID: 216
House Sitter - anywhere, any time

anywhere, any time

I am a retired master carpenter that wants to see the United States. I am honest, dependable, good with house pets and I also have some limited experience with horses.
Preferred sit locations: mainland U.S.
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ID: 215
House Sitter - GOV. WORKER


Government worker in the SF BAY AREA. Looking to baby sit home while your away, minimum 6 mounths. Can maintain home and yard while your away. All my kids are grown now My way to make sure they dont come back and live with me. I'm the man in the middle with a couple of my ex football players.
Preferred sit locations: SF BAY AREA
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ID: 212
House Sitter - caring 4 you

caring 4 you

I'm a mature lady with 22 yrs exp. taking excellent care of elderly i did house sitting for 9 month after the lady i took care of die and I end up housesitting her home I'm very trustworthy i make sure the house is clean, i collect the mails, water her plants,garden i could do it again for 3...
Preferred sit locations: orange county ca
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ID: 211
House Sitter - House/Pet Sitter

House/Pet Sitter

I am very outgoing and trust worthy, and I love to travel and try new things!
Preferred sit locations: Los Angeles, CA
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ID: 210
House Sitter - Experienced sitters with references

Experienced sitters with references

Retired educators; taken care of homes/pets in Massachusetts, France, UK; scheduled for Canada; homeowners-experienced w/ household emergencies & maintenance; know the importance of feeling confident of whomever cares for your home; nondrinkers, nonsmokers; walkers, readers, community volunteers.
Preferred sit locations: open to all listed
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ID: 148
House Sitter - Caring Housesitter L.A. Jan-March, 2013

Caring Housesitter L.A. Jan-March, 2013

As an art history graduate from Berlin I will be spending three month in L.A. for an internship at the Goethe Institute from Jan-March, 2013, before starting to pursue my Phd. I would love to spend this time caring for your pets, house and garden. I am a responsible and clean non-smoker with a...
Preferred sit locations: Los Angeles
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ID: 206
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