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House sitters available for house sitting positions are listed below. There is no cost for home owners to use our site to find a sitter.

When you use our service you also receive our free 'Guide to House Sitting' eBook. This book was produced to help make your house sitting experience a pleasant one so that you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your home and pets are being well taken care of.

To save time you can have sitters that are available for your location and timing contact you - tell us about your needs here.

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House Sitter - Experienced house sitter, non smoker

Experienced house sitter, non smoker

Hi, I'm Rob. I'm from the suburbs of Detroit, MI. I have experience doing long term house sits in the USA, France, and the United Kingdom. In France I took care of chickens, ducks, and a medium to large sized garden for one month. In the US and UK I had two different sits, one for 9 months and...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3117
House Sitter - Ms


I am a active clean and tidy single person. Love getting out and about at the park or beach. Work from home mostly so love having the freedom to go out for a walk or drive during the day or just sitting at my computer. Loving living a simple care free life. Not a party girl.
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3116
House Sitter - House Sitter

House Sitter

I provide loving care for your pets and your home with plenty of time and affection. I have day and night vet advice access if something unexpected comes up. I have experience in loving care for pets of all ages and needs. Your pets are always safe and secure with me. I am enjoying my...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3114
House Sitter - Lin Hooley

Lin Hooley

Hey I'm 24, and I am a very easygoing but responsible person and will take the best care of your place!
Preferred sit locations: CO
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ID: 3109
House Sitter - First Choice Carers

First Choice Carers

Energetic retired, non-smoking, house-proud couple from UK. Dedicated pet-lovers (fluent in animal speak). Have house/pet sitting experience in UK, Europe & Australia. Able to provide excellent testimonials on request. We respectfully care for your property & offer loving care for your...
Preferred sit locations: Coastal
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ID: 3107
House Sitter - Housesitter


I’m a retired IT analyst and I am married with two children. One of which lives with my wife and I and is attending college. I enjoy playing tennis and doing yard work. I consider myself to be very conscientious and enjoy working with people. My philosophy is to treat others possessions as...
Preferred sit locations: Virginia
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ID: 2965
House Sitter - Tina M Donoho

Tina M Donoho

Occupy Your Home with Someone You Can Trust while you are away. Keep Your Pets Active, Engaged and Happy. Enjoy a Worry Free Time Away From Home. Hi, I'm Tina, I live in Hot Springs and commute to work in Little Rock M-F. I have owned my home for over 22 years and have done various house and...
Preferred sit locations: AR
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ID: 3095
House Sitter - Experienced House and Pet Sitter

Experienced House and Pet Sitter

I have been house and pet sitting in Spain, Canada and the U.S. for a few years now. I moved from Michigan to Florida in 2018 and now call Sarasota home. I only do overnight stays and prefer long-term sits when not near my home. I'm young-at-heart 70+ single woman who loves to travel and...
Preferred sit locations: Florida, Northeast U.S., Michigan, Wisconsin and Canada
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ID: 2959
House Sitter - Kind Cheerful Responsable House-PetSitte

Kind Cheerful Responsable House-PetSitte

OLA.CHEERFUL GREETINGS .. PLAYFUL OUTDOORSY PET AND HOUSE SITTER Sunny Greetings I grew up around rabbits, chickens, cats and our beloved dog Jupiter..a black and white colly who enjoyed swimming in the Mediterranean ocean with me. I am a cultural interpreter and yoga instructor..I love the...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 3102
House Sitter - Anne (Simms) Briley

Anne (Simms) Briley

Bob and I are a very fit and active senior couple. We are in the process of selling our boat and, prior to purchasing our new home, would like to test our new areas in the St Petersburg/Clearwater area. We are both experienced animal lovers and have references.
Preferred sit locations: FL
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ID: 3100
House Sitter - Nessa2016


Hey! I am 22 years old, currently stationed at Beale AFB and looking for additional ways of income as well keep myself busy. I love animals and find myself to be a very clean, OCD individual. If you have any questions, feel free to ask but am willing to adjust my plans wherever to make this work...
Preferred sit locations: Beale AFB, Yuba City, Maysville, Linda, Olivehurst, Edgewater, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln
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ID: 3099
House Sitter - Ralph and Lynne

Ralph and Lynne

We are a middle aged, fun and healthy, active, animal loving, adventurous couple from South Africa and simply love the USA! Have been over numerous times and have pet/house sitting references. We are retired and do this to see the world and make a difference. Love Oregon, Cali and Idaho best!...
Preferred sit locations: Oregon or California
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ID: 3097
House Sitter - Traveling Nomads

Traveling Nomads

We are a friendly couple with experience taking care of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, turtles, iguanas, fish (saltwater and freshwater), horses, rabbits, chickens, llamas, pigs, and other farm animals. We enjoy slow traveling through California and exploring our environment, discovering the...
Preferred sit locations: CA
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ID: 3094
House Sitter - Travelling Homebody

Travelling Homebody

About Me I'm a homebody at heart, but I do like experiencing new places. I'll go explore a bit while I’m at your home, but much of the time I'll be writing, cocooning, and hanging out with your beloved furbabies. I love to walk, so if one or more of your animals also enjoys walks, great!...
Preferred sit locations: Washington DC
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ID: 2869
House Sitter - House Sitter/Loves dogs and birds

House Sitter/Loves dogs and birds

I just moved to Delaware with my spouse, we're both transitioning. I hope I can find a job as a house sitter, to help with our expenses and at the same time help other people who needs house sitters in Delaware.
Preferred sit locations: Dover Area, Kent County (But also willing to travel a bit farther if needed)
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ID: 3079
House Sitter - Kayla Smiley

Kayla Smiley

I am a young educated woman who enjoys being at home and taking care of business. I am organized, determined, and driven. I have house sit for co workers, friends, and family which means I am well equipped to do the job. I enjoyed it because it allowed me to care for others and provide help when...
Preferred sit locations: Cleveland, OH
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ID: 3078
House Sitter - algertrude


We are a 60 something retired teacher and librarian who love the chance to places we've never been before.. We keep up a regular exercise routine We are responsible pet carers and diligent in looking after others' property in the same way we want others to look after our own home when...
Preferred sit locations: Wisconsin. Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, Rhode Island
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ID: 3076
House Sitter - CatsDogs


Hello I am an early retiree and now travel the world doing pet and house care.I am based in London. I love to go on walks to the local parks with doggies or walk by the beach. In the evening having a cat on my lap is heaven. Would love to help you and your furry friends.
Preferred sit locations: VIC
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ID: 3068
House Sitter - Brian Calderon

Brian Calderon

Hello, the name's Brian and I'm very knowledgeable about pets like cats, fish, and all sorts of reptiles. I'm familiar with how to take care of expensive equipment like cameras, drones, t.vs, laptops, etc. I know the basics regarding home cleaning, however, I'm more skilled with outside tools. I...
Preferred sit locations: CA
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ID: 3067
House Sitter - Iescott93


A I'm a good person and very trustworthy.
Preferred sit locations: New Orleans
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ID: 3057
House Sitter - Real Estate professional  manager

Real Estate professional manager

Former property manager, head maintenance, home remodeler. Locksmith for the Federal Goverment. Very organized, capable and responsible. I will treat you home as I would my own. I will also respect your privacy and you will never have to worry about your possessions or reputation. You can enjoy...
Preferred sit locations: Near Elmhurst il
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ID: 3053
House Sitter - Clean, organized and trustworthy!

Clean, organized and trustworthy!

I am a fun, loving and caring person. I love to clean and organize. I make jewelry from recycled items for a hobby. I have 2 boys and a grandson and my 2 cats. I am loyal, honest, hardworking and trustworthy.
Preferred sit locations: Omaha
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ID: 3050
House Sitter - Kenneth R Casazza

Kenneth R Casazza

Retired couple with a small service dog(11 lbs. hypoallegenic Shih-Po). Taught school for 50 years in various schools and like to travel. Our kids and grandkids are in Mass, NH, Oregon and Merida , Mexico.We just sold our 5th wheel camper and want to house sit for any amount of time in the...
Preferred sit locations: ME,NH,Vermont
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ID: 3049
House Sitter - Responsible Mom looking for extra cash

Responsible Mom looking for extra cash

I am a recently divorced single mother looking for some extra work. I am responsible. I am an avid pet lover and Registered Nurse. I do not drink or smoke. I am available on weekends starting Friday after 5:30 pm-Monday 7:00 am.
Preferred sit locations: Livonia/Novi/Northville
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ID: 3043
House Sitter - Kara Reif

Kara Reif

I am looking to make a little extra money on the side. I am a realtor in the DFW area so I have a very flexible schedule.
Preferred sit locations: TX
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ID: 3040
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