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House sitters available for house sitting positions are listed below. There is no cost for home owners to use our site to find a sitter.

When you use our service you also receive our free 'Guide to House Sitting' eBook. This book was produced to help make your house sitting experience a pleasant one so that you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your home and pets are being well taken care of.

To save time you can have sitters that are available for your location and timing contact you - tell us about your needs here.

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House Sitter - CityMountain


After Nov 1, 2013, we will both be retired-a computer operator/massage therapist and a school teacher/administrator. We live off-grid in the mountains. We are self sufficent and experienced in living in a rural area. Our current home is a 45 min drive from the closest urban area. We are neat,...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 469
House Sitter - caring4you


I (and my wife) are experienced house/pet sitters. We have had crimminal background checks and been fingerprinted. We do not smoke, drink or do illegal drugs. We are quiet and do not party. We currently are in Florida after coming here in January, 2011. The heat and humidity are just too...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 104
House Sitter - Erabelle


I am a student at the University of Utah, double majoring in Economics & Philosophy. During the school year I am Resident Adviser for on campus housing. Last semester I was an RA for a hall of 52 residents. I grew up with pets and my parents currently have a chow that I occasionally look after....
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 467
House Sitter - Ms


We are just retired. Ken as an engineer and me from the healthcare industry. We are homeowners ourselves (built our home) and have a cat and chickens. Our Mom lives next to us and one of our children next to her. The kids watch the chickens while we are gone. I garden, sew, and create. Ken...
Preferred sit locations: Our Daughter lives north of Tampa Florida. A plus for us!
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ID: 452
House Sitter - Traveling pet care provider

Traveling pet care provider

I am a mature single woman with a love of travel and new experiences, animals, photography and nature, hiking, reading and the ocean. I am a teacher of the deaf, massage therapist and have been a house and pet sitter for the past few years. I am able to provide you with great references. I...
Preferred sit locations: Open to all areas
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ID: 207
House Sitter - Stacy J

Stacy J

Ben & Stacy, 28, from Toledo, OH We are a creative and adventurous couple looking for a warmer alternative to Ohio winters. We are currently renters in a beautiful historic neighborhood in a home owned by a friend. We have lived in Toledo together for almost two years and have traveled...
Preferred sit locations: Los Angeles
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ID: 433
House Sitter - Sunny sitter

Sunny sitter

Very clean and tidy, we'll organised and great with all pets. I have currently house sat a few houses, sail boat and a 70ft cruise yacht in the islands. Reliable on rules. Trust is mutual. Is also essential. Other than that I love to house sit with a good energy. :)) All smiles.
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 422
House Sitter - Silverfox71


We are under contract to build a home in Longmont CO. Estimated completion time Sept-October. Reality says December. We hope to sell & close our present home in Jefferson County CO by the end of July 2013. We are high school sweethearts from the Boston area. I am a retired US Army Officer &...
Preferred sit locations: Longmont, Boulder, Broomfield Colorado
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ID: 417
House Sitter - Writer Seeking Position

Writer Seeking Position

I have a clean criminal background (totally clean criminal background, no arrests, No DUIs, no DWIs, no warrants not even traffic tickets!), do not smoke, no illegal/non-pharmaceutical drugs (not 420 friendly), and rarely drink. I have no dependents and no pets but love cats and dogs....
Preferred sit locations: New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon
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ID: 418
House Sitter - Caring the most

Caring the most

Greetings! I am a professional worked in the corporate world, normally very tidy, healthy cook, and honest, extremely love and respect animals. I could partake in a glass of wine on a social occasion, none smoker never drugs of any kind. I am a happy person enjoys meeting new people as well...
Preferred sit locations: GA
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ID: 153
House Sitter - Experienced, and we LOVE dogs!

Experienced, and we LOVE dogs!

We are experienced homeowners, and now housesitters! Our best attributes for homeowners are, reliability, trustworthiness, competency, communication, and a real desire to keep a light "footprint" on your property. And, if you have dogs, just know they will be loved as if they were are own!
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 139
House Sitter - Renee' McCain

Renee' McCain

I've dreamed of traveling year round so when my company laid me off in October 2012, I decided to go for it! My mid-size dog is old so I'm limiting my travels to the US for now. I'd love to spend time to explore & hike the areas I'm in so housesitting seems the way to go! I've traveled...
Preferred sit locations: Southwest US & California
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ID: 348
House Sitter - Responsible Housesitter

Responsible Housesitter

I am a thirty year old single professional with extensive experience housesitting and providing petcare. I am an animal lover (although I have no pets currently) with lots of experience pet sitting for dogs, cats and even rabbits. I can also take good care of your garden & indoor plants. I am...
Preferred sit locations: United States
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ID: 322
House Sitter - Ginazy


I am a single professional Manager at a non-profit. I am very capable of taking care of a home, plants and pets (dogs, cats, furry small animals are fine, fish, birds...almost any kind of animal). I have a very pleasant attitude. I am a Customer Service Manager so that shows that I pay...
Preferred sit locations: De3nver, Lakewood, Littleton, Arvada
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ID: 402
House Sitter - Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs.

This is our first attempt at this endeavour. We are interested in traveling to other areas of the country and hopefully international. We are on a learning curve and are hopeful to start with the right position. We are very neat, clean, and well adjusted people that respect our property as...
Preferred sit locations: Arizona, New York City, Florida, South Carolina
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ID: 403
House Sitter - Responsible/Loving & Clean Professionals

Responsible/Loving & Clean Professionals

My husband and I are responsible professional people in our mid-forties, with a flexible schedule now that the kids are grown. We love animals and the unconditional love they give back. We enjoy living in clean surroundings so you can be assured you won't come home to a mess. We love to travel,...
Preferred sit locations: California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Hawaii
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ID: 232
House Sitter - Jacqui Tomo

Jacqui Tomo

I am a 27 y/o female, born and raised in NY. I am extremely easy-going, clean, respectful and very responsible. Plus, I love hanging out with animals! I am a dog and cat owner and have previous experience caring/sitting for animals. I am currently work for a non-profit business membership and...
Preferred sit locations: New York
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ID: 399
House Sitter - "Peace of mind" ~ pet/housesitter

"Peace of mind" ~ pet/housesitter

Hi~ I have been in the medical field for 33 yrs. and am now wanting to take some time out to do some traveling. I am a very clean, healthy and outgoing 53 year old- non smoker/non partyer. I will take excellent care of your home and pets while you're away and give you full "peace of...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 396
House Sitter - Experienced considerate housesitter

Experienced considerate housesitter

Organized, extremely neat, caring & efficient. I am a retired (early) Decorator/Designer. My hobbies are bicycling and motorcycling. I am an internationally certified Yoga instructor. I've been an instructor for health and fitness most of my adult life. My children are grown and have...
Preferred sit locations: Hawaii or any warmer climate state
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ID: 388
House Sitter - salliea


I'm 68 years young and can take care of most pets however; it's been a long time since I milked a cow! I enjoy hiking, fishing, golf and love to crochet. As a young person I was quite a good “handyman” and can use a saw, drill and most general tools needed for small household repairs, and...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 391
House Sitter - Trustworthy Retired Couple

Trustworthy Retired Couple

My wife and I are retired; she was a RN and I am retired military and also retired from a civilian job as a Maintenance Planner for a manufacturing company. I have a good mechanical background and can perform most home repairs. Neither of us smoke and Sharon does not drink alcohol and I drink...
Preferred sit locations: US States
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ID: 376
House Sitter - just testing

just testing

testing 123.. testing 123 testing 123 testing 123 testing 123 testing 123.. testing 123 testing 123 testing 123 testing 123
Preferred sit locations: test
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ID: 370
House Sitter - House Sitter

House Sitter

We are a clean healthy couple 73 to 77 years old. Married 57 Years. In good health with no handicaps. Enjoy indoors and especially ourdoors to walk and explore nature. We have very clean habits, never smoked and don't drink. We love all kinds of animals. Have raised & showed Maltese and Lhasa...
Preferred sit locations: Southern States in Winter
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ID: 360
House Sitter - Shefaith


Tall medium built female full of energy, love travel, and house sitting, and pets. I'm a NA, with a background in special needs. I enjoy the outside and digging around in the flower bed. I blow my own leaves(sm yard). Just and all around people person that love down time with a great book,...
Preferred sit locations: North Carolina
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ID: 281
House Sitter - Experienced sitter

Experienced sitter

I’m a mature responsible 21 year old student that knows the importance of trusting your home and beloved pet/pets to someone that would love and care for them as much as you do. I love to travel and i know the value of a reliable house/pet sitter. I am physically fit and emotionally balanced...
Preferred sit locations:
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ID: 343
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